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Product Care & Maintenance

Product Care

When you receive our finished product, it is approximately 80% cured. Like cement, it is a hard, protective and ready to use right away, but complete hardening of the surface will not happen for 3 – 4 more weeks.

After 4 weeks of curing, the object should still be treated with care. Remember, just like the most durable automobile finish that gets keyed or scratched, our finish is not impenetrable. However, it is the best, most durable finish available, and it protects your furniture from everyday spills and stains. Treat it like a fine piece of furniture and use the correct products on it for care, and your furniture will look new for years to come.

quick tips

  • Lift items rather than dragging them along the surface, and always have a protective felt pad on the bottom of furniture and accessories.
  • Dust and clean regularly with a slightly damp rag. Never use a product containing wax or silicone.
  • Blot spills immediately.
  • Avoid storing your products near extreme heat sources or extremely humid areas. Your home should be kept at 35-45% humidity.
  • Wood & finishes darken with time, especially with a natural or light finish. Leaving a placemat or other item on a table for a month or longer will leave a discolored outline, so rotate accessories regularly.
  • Avoid placing extremely hot items directly on the surface.


Water / Acetone110
Mustard / Olive Oil 210
Alcohol 1 (for 1 Hr) 10


All MAVIN wood furniture is topcoated with Conversion Varnish, which is the most durable finish used in the furniture industry. This finish has excellent resistance to foods, beverages and common household chemicals, yet still must be properly cared for. Follow these simple guidelines to maintain the beauty of your furniture’s finish for many generations.

Fingerprints, cooking residues, tobacco smoke, etc., will accumulate on any finished surface. They will not damage the finish, but should be removed occasionally to restore the finish to its original state. Wipe your furniture with a soft, damp cloth with Dr. Bronner’s Soap and water at a 1:18 ratio. Wipe with a dry cloth.

Your finish is resistant to most household spills. However, long term exposure to moisture will damage any finish. Wipe spills up right away.

Dust build-up is simply from airborne particles of dust collecting on the finish. If not properly removed, this build-up may dull or even scratch the finish. Simply wipe the finish with a cloth dampened with Dr. Bronner’s Soap and water at a 1:18 ratio.

Do not use cleaners containing bleach or ammonia. Ammonia may turn oak black and painted pieces yellow. Dyes and inks may discolor the finish. The ink and dyes from newsprint and plastic bags may penetrate into the finish when moist. Excessive waxing can cause moisture from a beverage can or glass to leave a milky white ring on the surface.

Heat, high humidity, direct sunlight or liquids can damage both the finish and the wood. Take care to avoid these conditions. If it’s too hot to hold in your hands, don’t place it on your furniture.

Leaves must be stored flat, do not stand on end. Table leaves are machined and sanded to have a secure fit. When inserted into tables, leaves may have a sl ight variation in color, grain and fit. This is not a manufacturing defect. As wit h all variations in grain and color, these are beautiful representations of the character of your furniture.