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All product information should be recorded as it appears on your purchase order or invoice.

For more information, be sure to read our Warranty Policy below.
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Our Warranty Is Simple

Thank you for choosing MAVIN Furniture. You have made an investment with products that are heirloom quality, built to last generations.

If you are experiencing a problem with your furniture, reach out to the retailer you purchased your product(s) from. Any questions or claims will be directed to us at the factory, by the retailer, to resolve in a timely manner.

This warranty applies only to normal household use determined by the manufacturer. If there is a problem that is covered under this warranty, we the manufacturer will, at our discretion, repair or replace the product. This does not apply to furniture that is intentionally misused, exposed to sunlight, or improper cleaning. Seasonal gapping should be expected and is not considered a manufacturing defect. Claims are based on a case-by-case basis. Please refer to the below for coverage.

Three years on manufacturing and construction. Since no piece is identical, wood/stain variations and wood darkening with age are excluded.

One year free from defects in design, fit, normal wit hstanding.

One year on such items as drawer glides, soft-close clips, hinges, leaf locks, electrical components, etc.

One year on manufacturing and construction.

Once a warranty claim is confirmed, transportation to the nearest retailer will be determined between the consumer and the retailer. There will be no charges incurred by either party from MAVIN shipping the product(s) to and from the dealer. Our products are sold directly through our trusted dealers and communication should be made through them during all processes.


Scratches and dents will damage our finish just like the most durable automobile finish that gets scratched. It is not impenetrable; however, it is the best, most durable finish available, and it protects your furniture from everyday spills and stains. What kinds of damages are not covered? Avoidable wear, such as tossing a set of keys on the surface, sliding a metal vase across the top with no felt pad protection, leaving a sopping wet rag on the surface overnight or putting a hot dish directly on the table: these kinds of situations are not considered “normal use.” The top layer is a protection that breathes and needs proper care just like our skin. It is not an impenetrable shield.

At MAVIN we want you to be happy with your purchase, and if cared for properly, this furniture can last for generations. But we know that everyone has accidents, and we want to give you that extra assurance that the furniture will maintain its original beauty for years to come.

If you damage your table surface and it falls out of the “normal use” category, just e-mail us an image of your table, bring the table to an authorized dealer, and we will pick it up on our truck. For a small charge billed directly to the consumer, we will bring your table top back to its original luster in its original stain or color. We cannot change colors or stains. This option is available for up to three years after receipt of your product. Please keep your original sales receipt, and enjoy this beautiful furniture for many years! If you have any additional questions, Contact Us. Thank you for the opportunity to bring our work into your home.

From everyone at MAVIN, thanks!